Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Exciting Lives of the Schultz Children

We've had a wonderful month full of naps, FULL nights of sleep, crayfish and owl pellets and other school fun, and a taste of Fall weather. The house may forever be in disarray, but I've got two awesome children to show for it. Lachlan is proving to be a champ as we train him to sleep through the night and take naps -- that's right! -- by HIMSELF! Woo! He's not there yet, but he is currently taking a nap for which he fell asleep all on his own and has continued to put himself back to sleep when he stirs, hence the opportunity to write a blog post!

Sophia is loving her school adventures and all the new friends she is making from that homeschooling community. She also gets to do lots of cool science experiments and learn to play a tin whistle. She recently had her four year well visit, where she had several shots. She is such a brave girl -- hardly shed a tear and bucked up immediately, although she probably told me afterwards about a thousand times, "I do NOT like shots." I don't blame you, honey. Also, courtesy of Mr. Kurt, Sophia has some new fingerpaints! I thought this would be super interesting, since, as we all know, the girl does not like to be "dirty". She did request a paintbrush, which was denied. So, at first there were very small finger strokes on the paper -- just what I expected. But then I came back to check on her progress... Let's just say she got into it. Now we have a rather large, lovely painting of a brown blob. Why do children mix all the colors together? She did enjoy herself. That is one of the best things that has come out of her schooling. Sophia now will attempt to draw things! I have a few shots of her creating some pictures while we were in Pensacola for her birthday. She also created a new Nonna picture (the third in a series she has begun -- the first was a potato head rendering, the second a bristle block model complete with purse, and the third a portrait in chalk, all unsolicited). She is so much fun. She loves her little brother and thinks he's super cute.

Lachlan is now at the age where he wants to look out at everything. He does not like to be held against the shoulder and will whack your face with his in his desperation to see what's going on out there. He's doing well with the reflux; I've been able to reduce the dosage of his medication. Yay! He will talk sometimes and occasionally laughs. Apparently he's a mamma's boy, because he only laughs with me and smiles and talks mostly with me, which is pretty funny. He LOVES bath time. He really gets happy in it and splashes and kicks his legs in the water. I've tried to get some videos of him laughing and having a good time in the bath, but whenever he spots the camera, the smiles cease, and he simply stares. I'll keep trying though!

Gammy and Gramps cut a rug Cajun-style.

Gammy first meets Lachlan.

This is a fun tummy time!

Here Sophia has drawn Lachlan in a high chair.
Nonna in chalk

Yay for investigation! Sophia's little friend Ava is in the background. They met at the preview night for Classical Conversations and have been inseparable ever since.

Monday, September 10, 2012

For my 29th

Sophia Wyona & Lachlan Tolliver
 I love being 29! I know this year is going to be wonderful. I know this because God is faithful, loving, and grants me grace and new life in Jesus. I am so blessed and want to share some of that joy with you. Here are some pictures of my loving family that supports me and prays for me, teaches me, and lives with me and my muck. :)

Making sure Cobalt is cozy
Sophia's First Lunchable

First Bath -- Not Thrilled
Hanging out with Granddad

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I love you, dear family and friends!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Waiting for Four

We've had a lot of fun over the past several months. Sophia has enjoyed several trips to visit family in Lexington and Pensacola. She is growing up very quickly, everyday lengthening and learning. She has started working on reading and can read a few sentences: "Pat the fat cat" and "Nan can fan the tan cat." She has grown a lot in confidence and strength with her Little Gym class - she can walk on the balance beam without grabbing at somebody and can even do an arabesque on it! She so delights in jumping around the Little Gym and frequently creates her own "gym" in the living room, which is of course quite frightening at times. She loves playing at the beach and jumping in the waves. She'd live in a pool if it were in our own backyard. :) We're going to try to get her some swimming lessons this summer so she can plunge into the water and keep herself afloat. What makes her happiest is any interaction with little friends, which range from long time friends with whom we have regular playdates to new friends whose names she can't remember after romping with them at the playground for an hour. (Names are unnecessary for much of play at the playground.) She is both a very social and shy little girl -- much less shy with other kiddos. We're looking forward to her interacting and learning in a homeschooling group in the fall. Currently her favorite show is Kipper; when she watches it she walks around speaking in a British accent. I have got to try to capture some of that on video.
Sophia is also greatly anticipating the arrival of her baby brother. This week she wants to make him a birthday present and birthday card for when he is born. She will be such a good helper when he arrives! About a week ago she came into our bedroom in the morning to wake me up carrying her baby boy (though it is her bitty baby doll with all girl accessories) -- dubbed Asher (one of the only other boy names she has experienced extensively). She explained to me that "they" pushed him out of her tummy because he was ready to be born. Yup. She wrapped him up and fed him and took very good care of him. Just adorable. I haven't seen "Asher" in a while though, she is very busy with her other four children -- Benjamin Bunny (who is a girl), Peter Rabbit, Ruth (a mouse), and Rapunzel/Taylor (a raccoon). She has many daughters, she will tell you. She also currently loves to dress up; she plans to be a ballerina for Halloween this year.

Sophia has made some wonderful memories over the past couple months, visiting Nonna and shopping with her, staying with Gammy and Gramps and swimming and playing with Bella, and seeing Ne-Ne and playing "feed the polar bear ice cream". She is a blessed little girl. We are so thankful for all our family.

 Here Sophia plays hula hoop with my wonderful friend Juan. Sophie has even learned a little Chinese from Juan! Juan has a special kinship with children. :)
 Lindsey, Juan, and I usually meet weekly to study the Bible and pray. They are very special women who God has put in my life.
Easter Celebration Dinner!

Sophia and Nonna make cookies!


 Sophia and Ruth decorate Valentine's Day cookies with gusto -- and an affinity for chocolate.

Sophia and Daddy watching the elephant at Zoo Atlanta.

 Gammy and Sophia love on Bella at breakfast.

 Feeding Bella treats was one of Sophia's greatest joys at Gammy and Gramp's house.

 I LOVE this picture!

 Apparently, here Sophia is explaining how to be or make a fairy (not sure which) to the sweet, accommodating teens.

 Gammy and Gramps hanging out at Nonna's.